Weinstein Rape Trial Part Three: The Verdict Explained

By Jessica Sutton. Harvey Weinstein’s New York trial wrapped up last week, with the jury finding the former Hollywood producer guilty of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual act, but acquitting him of predatory sexual assault. The jury had a fraught deliberation of five days in length, pausing multiple times to ask for clarification, and … Continue reading Weinstein Rape Trial Part Three: The Verdict Explained

Weinstein Rape Trial: Part Two

By Jessica Sutton. Content Warning: This article contains graphic details which readers may find disturbing. Six women have testified over the last two weeks about violent sexual assaults and rapes at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. After two weeks of harrowing testimony, the prosecution has rested its case, and the defence called its first witness … Continue reading Weinstein Rape Trial: Part Two

The Award For Best (Male) Director Goes To…

By Jessica Sutton and Patrick McTague. The Academy Award nominees have been announced for 2020, marking the absolute height of Hollywood’s accolades. This year, influential women across the industry were ‘rewarded’ for their sterling work with: Zero nominations for best director; Half a nomination for best original screenplay (Krysty Wilson-Cairns, 1917, along with Sam Mendes); … Continue reading The Award For Best (Male) Director Goes To…

Weinstein Rape Trial: Part One

By Jessica Sutton. Dear Harvey, No matter what lies you tell yourself, you did this. Today, Lady Justice is staring down a super predator: you.– Rose McGowan.[1] Last week marked the start of the much-anticipated criminal trial of former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, for rape and sexual assault. A press conference held by the group … Continue reading Weinstein Rape Trial: Part One