Lyda Conley: Lawyer, Activist, Guardian

In honour of International Rural Women's Day, this episode of Great Woman Theory discusses the life of Lyda Conley, member of the Wyandot Nation, lawyer, activist, and guardian of indigenous land rights. Lyda's fight to protect the Wyandot National Burial Ground from development ultimately led her to make history as the first Native American woman … Continue reading Lyda Conley: Lawyer, Activist, Guardian

“Get Angry”: Indigenous Women and Femicide

By Jessica Sutton. Content Warning: This article contains graphic details which may be disturbing. Last week, the body of an 18-year-old aboriginal girl was found in a wheelie bin in Western Australia.[1] The brief lines of the media articles are painfully familiar for those who keep an eye out for cases of femicide. Another man … Continue reading “Get Angry”: Indigenous Women and Femicide