What About Me?

By Patrick McTague. Edited by Jessica Sutton. A common trend seen whenever a group of people are fighting for rights, for equality, or for justice, is others attacking the group for not including them. This selfish mindset is especially prevalent as a means to attack feminism, with men using different reasons to discredit the movement. … Continue reading What About Me?

#TradWives: The Troubling Trend Attacking Equality

By Jessica Sutton. It’s the bizarre trend which has sparked controversy in Britain and the USA: meet the TradWives, women who pride themselves on “submitting to their husbands like it's 1959”.[1] One TradWife blogger, Alena Pettitt, describes this ideology as the “New Stepford”, where women should stay home as the perfect housewife, docile, obedient and … Continue reading #TradWives: The Troubling Trend Attacking Equality