What About Me?

By Patrick McTague. Edited by Jessica Sutton. A common trend seen whenever a group of people are fighting for rights, for equality, or for justice, is others attacking the group for not including them. This selfish mindset is especially prevalent as a means to attack feminism, with men using different reasons to discredit the movement. … Continue reading What About Me?

“Good Guys” and “Good Feminists” – But Where Are the Real Allies?

By Jessica Sutton. We recently received a comment on our article about Black women and police brutality, saying that "systemic racism is a myth". Over time, the She’s Right team has become somewhat numbed to the racist and misogynist comments we receive on our material, but this honestly stumped me. There were two possibilities for … Continue reading “Good Guys” and “Good Feminists” – But Where Are the Real Allies?

#TradWives: The Troubling Trend Attacking Equality

By Jessica Sutton. It’s the bizarre trend which has sparked controversy in Britain and the USA: meet the TradWives, women who pride themselves on “submitting to their husbands like it's 1959”.[1] One TradWife blogger, Alena Pettitt, describes this ideology as the “New Stepford”, where women should stay home as the perfect housewife, docile, obedient and … Continue reading #TradWives: The Troubling Trend Attacking Equality