About She’s Right.

We are a charitable trust based in New Zealand working to raise awareness of global women’s rights challenges. Our work is trans-inclusive and intersectional. Our goal is both education on issues that may not be familiar to New Zealand audiences, and empowerment of all people to think of, and engage with, women’s rights as human rights. We aim to inspire a dialogue for advocates to discuss these challenges on the international stage, furthering the fight for gender equality.

She’s Right comprises a small team with a passion for the subject of women’s rights, producing and publishing writing and a podcast addressing issues for women. Alongside our own material, we provide a platform for writers from around the world to express their views on women’s rights and share their personal experiences, giving us a uniquely individual perspective on the challenges facing women everywhere.

To us, She’s Right symbolises both the Kiwi spirit of optimism and the importance of listening to and believing women when they are sharing their experiences. We hope to inspire all of our readers, watchers, and listeners, to take up the effort in their day to day lives to embody the values of believing, supporting, and trusting in women in light of persistent gender discrimination.

Our message to women everywhere is to keep hope in, and fight for, positive progressive change.

Who we are.

Jessica sutton

Founder, writer, editor, translator, podcast co-host.

Jessica is passionate about the power of written and oral advocacy to advance gender equality. She is particularly interested by gender-based violence and the treatment of women in the international and domestic criminal justice system.

Patrick McTague

Writer, podcast co-host, website manager, marketing coordinator.

Patrick is motivated by bringing women’s rights awareness to all audiences and is particularly interested in engaging those who wouldn’t regularly think of, or be aware of, issues facing women in today’s society.

Want to help or contribute?

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