Episode 3 – Coretta Scott King: Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

…Women should allow our essence and presence to shine, rather than letting ourselves be buried or shunted to the sidelines.[2]

This is the third episode of Great Woman Theory – a podcast discussing great women and feminist events in history. In this episode, learn about Coretta Scott King, activist, musician, mother, and wife of Martin Luther King Jr.[3] We discuss the hidden women of the civil-rights movement, through the sacrifices and personal achievements of Coretta as an original intersectional feminist, LGBT rights activist as well as a driving force behind milestones of the civil-rights movement.[4] Coretta’s core message is one well worth remembering today – sexism, racism and homophobia are all equally repugnant forms of hatred which have to be fought unrelentingly.[5]

I am an activist. I didn’t just emerge after Martin died—I was always there and involved.[1]

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Photograph: Coretta Scott King at the Democratic National Convention, New York City by Warren K. Leffler – https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2005696367/

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